As part of our continued efforts to optimize The Vape Summit experience, we curated this page to provide information regarding:


QUALIFICATIONS FOR BUYERS:  The primary qualifier for BUYERs is the ability to make purchase related decisions on behalf of the company or business entity being represented.  These positions typically include:

• Owners
• Proprietors
• Partners
• Managers
• Other positions entitled with purchasing authority

The following are typical categories whose authorized representatives qualify to register as buyers at The Vape Summit:

• Retailers (Brick and Mortar): This includes Vape Specific Retail Stores, Smoke Shops, Convenience Stores, and other physical store fronts that engage in retail or resale of vape related products.

•Retailers (No physical storefront): This includes online retailers, app based retailers, and other non-traditional store front operations engaged in resale of vape related products.

•Distributors: Distributor of vape related products.

If you do not meet the requirements as listed above, and are NOT a buyer, but would still like to attend during the business to business hours of the show, you may be able to qualify as an INDUSTRY AFFILIATE by clicking here.

VERIFICATION OF BUYER STATUS: In order to verify your qualifications as a buyer, we may ask for the following documents or other proof of your status as a qualified buyer (A picture or scanned copy of the following business document types will suffice):

• Business Card (Registrant name must be printed on the business card and match name as registered)

• Resellers License (This may show the name of the registrant, or name of the business, as long as there is other proof that associates the registrant as the authorized person for that business)

• Business License (referencing business and establishing the registrant’s name as owner/authorized party of that business)

• Letter of authorization on company letterhead, provided by an authorized buyer or owner of the business entity, which acknowledges buying authority for the registrant.


These documents can be submitted via the registration form, or emailed to registration@thevapesummit.com upon completion of registration. If you have already been approved as a BUYER for a previous show, you may reference that show in the comments, so that you do not have to upload the documents again.

Once completed, Vape Summit Show Management will review the info and documents you’ve provided and determine if you have met the qualifications to attend as a Buyer for the show.

If your application is accepted you will receive an email indicating your APPROVED status. If your application is not accepted, you can choose to convert your unapproved registration to an Open to the Public ticket type: General Admission or VIP. A ticket conversion may result in a refund or additional balance depending on ticket costs.

If you do not meet the following qualifications, but would still like to attend the Business to Business segments of the show, then you may register as an INDUSTRY AFFILIATE by clicking here.





•Access to the business to business sessions of the show

• Thursday, October 8th; 10am-5pm
• Friday, October 9th; 10am- 3pm

• Access to the business to business sessions of the show

• Friday, October 9th; 5pm-10pm
• Saturday, October 10th; 10am-4pm

• Access to Buyer Mixer hosted by

• Thursday, October 9th; 5:30pm-10pm at

• Access to speaker series

• The Vape Summit IV Limited Edition Buyer Tote Bag

• Included Items in Buyer Tote Bag:

• Limited Edition Drip Tip
• Limited Edition Unicorn Bottle
• Limited Edition Lapel Pin
• Limited edition T-Shirt
• Summus Publication