In addition to our traditional marketing campaigns, we are launching an Affiliate Marketing Program.  This program will allow qualified sponsors, exhibitors, organizations, influencers, and other entities the ability to earn incentives by cross promoting our show via authorized promotional (promo) codes.


Here’s how it works:

1)  You get a promo code, which you may promote in any fashion you believe will be creative and most effective.  

You are free to share your promoters code / discount code with any and all of your contacts through any and all of your social media, your own mailing lists, and your own personal and professional contacts. We do not condone spamming or other unscrupulous methods for spreading advertising. Additionally, you may not set up Yelp pages or other similar web-based programs to promote your code or the event. Individuals found to be in violation will not receive any commission for sales generated in their account, and if warranted, as in the case of spamming, will be reported to appropriate entities.
2)  If someone uses your promo code to register for our event, they’ll receive a discount off of our registration fees, based on the registration type.

3)  At the close of standard online registration on October 7th, we will begin compiling promo codes used, and incentives will be calculated.


Let’s say 108 people use your promo code to register for The Vape Summit IV, Houston.  Here’s what the breakdown would look like:

Via your promo code, you would have earned $735!   

Here are some of the things we are looking for to qualify prospective Affiliate Marketers:

• Large social media followings and databases
• Influential in vape industry and related communities
• Creative people or groups that know how to get the word out
• Bi-lingual people fluent in languages of foreign markets

Here’s some ideas to drive a successful affiliate marketing campaign:


DONATE!:  Give back to the community, and donate a portion or all of your incentives towards an impactful organization and promote how people using the promo code will make a difference (see below)

GIVEAWAYS:  Offering giveaways to those who use your promo code is a great incentive to drive your followers to register with your promo code.


Here’s some great options for organizations and vape advocacy groups that you can donate your incentives to and make an impact in the community!